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20 12 2009

Well, as you can see, I took off all the sports entries in my blog, this is because I want this site to focus more on the arts – films, literature, music, philosophy, etc. So if any of you guys were thinking about my thoughts on some of the latest sports events, I will be creating a sports blogsite very soon. For now, enjoy reading off this blog and my two others which I have been committing my time with lately:


New Widget: Books Currently Reading

20 05 2008

Being inspired by some of wordpress’s bookloving bloggers, I have created a widget where I can place all the books that I’m currently reading. It’s quite amazing that I’m actually trying to go through my library once and for all this summer. I might be able to do some reviews on these books when I get the chance to – which is most likely.

I’d like to thank beryl from for suggesting me to read “The Five People You Meet In Heaven” by Mitch Albom. It definitely motivated me to finish up the other books that I have been putting aside in a while.

To the rest, I hope you’ll be able to find the books I have listed and be able to discuss it with me or the reading community.


Portico Quartet

1 03 2008

At last, after months of searching videos, I found a really good quality video of Portico Quartet, a British experimental jazz band which is well known for its hung drum rhythms.

Here’s one video that I would like to share:

“Cittagazze” by Portico Quartet

There’s no other jazz bands so far that could replace this band which have moved me so much ever since I learned about them almost 2 years ago.

Jazz have become a source for my life full of turns and tricks. The unstable beats, the aggressive and defensive expressions, the interpretation of a culture or an idea; a multi-sided perspective of life played all in one piece, all in one genre; it links the honest and the humble to the pretentious and the hypocritical, the joyful and cheerful to the sorrowful and miserable, the uplifting to the disparaging. Two sides that we have to accept in life.

Nothing can ever replace jazz in my mind.

The Need to Catch-up with Fighting Games

15 02 2008

Many years have passed since I took fighting games seriously. As of now, I don’t even have a fighting game for my precious PS2. I felt so disappointed that Dead or Alive was created mostly for the Xbox, that I don’t hear that much from Virtua Fighter until their recent installment which is created for the PS3, that I find Guilty Gear and SNK Games really tough, that I missed out on Tekken 5 for the PS2, that I detested Soul Calibur because of it’s awful popularity among gamers, that I wasn’t able to get my hands on Street Fighter and Rival Schools lately, that I totally missed out essentially on fighting games.

I dunno what to say but I need to get back to fighting games to release the emotions that I have always kept in myself for a long time, and it’s been a good 7 years too I have to admit and in that 7 years, I only played fighting games 5 times (if I’m not mistaken).

I wanna come back to total the computer so bad that it will spark some inspiration in my life.








My Philosophy

11 02 2008

I’ve been updating a lot “MY PHILOSOPHY” which you can see and click on the menu above. I only wrote eleven points in my philosophy and my head is shaking sooooo much! But I think it’s all good since I can release all my thoughts in that page and move on with what I usually do here which is blogging.

Anyways, I do hope that there will be people coming over this blogsite to check out my philosophies as well and discuss with me some of the issues I laid. Make sure to read everything especially #11 before making a comment. I always appreciate a person or two dropping by to make comments or even better start a discussion.

Thanks and Ciao!

Reflecting on the Typewriter

9 02 2008


When I got home last night – after walking along slippery sidewalks and crossing slushy and wet roads – I found an electronic typewriter on our doorstep. It came out to be our neighbour’s and they apparently told us to keep it. I couldn’t believe we’d see another one of those old typewriters in our age and time, I couldn’t even think of us owning one right now.

Well it was a treat for us, that’s for one thing. I also wondered how much the thing cost when our good neighbours first bought it because I bet the company who distributed this could have a great deal of profit for it – for one it is electronic and it has features such as the quick erase function where you could actually find a white ribbon which erases your mistakes and other functions which prevents the hassle of whatever hassles there may be when people were using typewriters regularly.

My brother told me that the typewriter could be used as a prop for a film and I agreed.

Anyways, I have to admit I was not able to use a typewriter for any formal purpose yet I was able to play with one. The first time I saw one was when I was little in my mom’s hometown. My uncle was a teacher in a local high school there and he usually carries with him a typewriter which he obviously uses at work. I got enchanted with it but unfortunately my uncle couldn’t allow me to play with it so when I first got a hold of it, my uncle kept on hiding it later on.

I didn’t really become astounded with the typewriter that time because I saw a typewriter for the very first time when I already have seen a computer. I knew how to check files in a disk, I knew how to go from one drive to another, I knew how to boot into a disk, I knew MS-DOS pretty well, I knew how to use the computer back when I was 4 years old. I dunno if this was how I thought of it as a child, but I was aware of how restricted it is when you’re using a typewriter.

In another way though, I really admire those who have thought of creating this device which became a stepping stone towards the rise of computers. What’s interesting is that it’s not just an invention that is very reliable in terms of creating messages and school work, but it’s an amazing tool that can be utilized without the help of electricity.

I have no idea why did an electronic typewriter came into conception but I hope the reason was more of what electronic features the typewriter can offer rather than merely assuming that having an electronic typewriter makes the user look cool hehehe.

Blizzard Mania!

7 02 2008


Last night, there was a really big snow storm which packed snow to the ground about 2 to 5 cm per hour – the snow ended up to 30 cm overnight, a record height in decades. I’m pretty sure my brother has a blog of his own about this as well.

As I reflect on those events, there were plenty of nice and interesting things about the blizzard.

Through introspection, I thought that compared to rainstorms, snowstorms are actually much better because they don’t wet your clothes too much; but obviously the bad side of it is that when it packs down to the ground, it’ll have to be shoveled or plowed right away because vehicles will definitely be stuck, traffic would be so awful, it’s not even going to be easy to walk on snow that high.

February 6 was when the university closed down after learning the news of the bad snowstorm. In fact, ALL educational institutions shut down when the blizzard blasted the city in addition to some companies, government institutions and shops. It also delayed and even cancelled tons of flights in our major international airport. Thing why I stressed this is because the university did close down a week ago because of a snow storm that wasn’t really as worse as that night.

That night would be my second time to encounter being in the middle of a snow storm in my life time – the first one was when I was new to Canada. But anyways, What happened was that when the university was said to close, I saw that the people outside were topped with snow on their heads, their knapsacks and their shoulders which signals that the snow storm has arrived and was not about to just cover up the people with snow, but with the fact that snow have closed down the university for the rest of the day, it could possibly shut down the whole city if the snow does not end falling.

I rushed to the usual bus stop that I take and waited for an hour before a bus could arrive, I then thought that the roads might be really slick and high that it caused the bus to delay upon its arrival. An hour of waiting is not normal on a usual day.And it was just incomprehensible! After riding the bus, I felt so annoyed and irritated seeing the fact that the bus stopped at one point for almost an hour when it only passed two blocks still close to my university. Then when the bus was moving, it’ll stop for another several minutes. I wasn’t just annoyed with the stalling of the bus, but there was a little kid crying out loud “LET’S GO!”, several youngsters who were just laughing about something, the continuous storm outside, and at that time, my cellphone was running out of batteries; all making me just frustrated of sitting down in the bus; aside from all that, I need to transfer to another bus – it takes 2 buses to travel from the university to my house.

From a usual 45-60 minute of travel, last night took me about 3-4 hours of travel! 3 TO 4 HOURS!!! Not only that, I also had to worry about shoveling the driveway which as I expected would be much worse than our other snowy days.

My brother was lucky that night because he was able to hitch a ride with some stranger in a car. I definitely like the gesture of some stranger giving my brother a speedy ride home, but I didn’t expect that anyone would do it for a lot of obvious reasons – I guess when it comes to snow, some drivers wouldn’t really mind.

Anyways, we both got home safely yet obviously we needed to shovel our driveway to make it easier for my dad to ram his car all the way to the garage.

With 30 centimetres of snow in the driveway, there’s just no way we could push the snow all the way to a certain end of the driveway where we eventually piled them up. All that shoveling took us another 2 hours.

I was so exhausted after all the traveling and digging. But you know what? In the end, It’s all about jazz music and talk radio in bed that soothe that pain, frustration and weakness I felt that night.

Few more things that made that night very unlucky. One is that I had to study for a Spanish test the next day and I had to deal with another 3 hours of travel time because some of the roads apparently weren’t shoveled yet.

But it’s really a wonder. I wish I had some kind of poetic message in mind, but it’s all restricted right now to my own introspection.