Happy New Year!

31 12 2008

New Year’s Resolutions are usually what people write on this occasion but the biggest challenge really is achieving them. I did that last Christmas and it’s time to actually put it to the task on Day 1!

Now that my New Year’s Resolutions is taken care of, I guess I could talk about what I’m hoping would happen this year. One of them apparently is the fact that I will get my bachelor’s degree and I’m going to rest for a while, look for a job and get set on lining up my books in my grand library to read every one of them cover-to-cover and be just like this person who I admire so much – he goes by “The Devourer of Books” – and write what I feel about the books that I read. Being out of school doesn’t mean that we have to put aside our study life. We have to keep up with it.

This post is going to be short since there’s only an hour left before the actual countdown towards 2009 here in Toronto. Congrats’ to my friends all the way in the Far East – Japan, the Philippines, Taiwan, China & Hong Kong (I have friends from those countries) – Happy New Year to you guys! We here in Canada & the US are waiting anxiously for this moment and we will make our celebrations as great as it should be & much better than last years’ and the last…




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