Merry Christmas 2008

25 12 2008


Merry Christmas to everyone!

It’s always nice to write something on this day. But I have to admit that my celebrations are really getting boring year after year. Despite the slight boredom, I still find that it has to be the time when opportunities have to be grabbed in terms of having a really good time with family and friends – “quality time” spent a lot more than usual.

My younger brother turned 19 early this month and he wondered if he would be able to drink because the drinking age in Ontario is 19 – the government was thinking of raising it up to 21 but failed. I definitely don’t mind to be the very last member in our family to ever experience drinking alcohol if ever I would not join my brother on his pursuits to go crazy for a bit… hell I never even bought a lottery ticket and I’m way past the legal age. I guess the only feat I achieved was riding a roller coaster in Canada’s Wonderland without worrying about how bad it might affect my heart rate or something which is really stupid for me to think about from the very beginning.

But after doing a lot of reflecting, I think in the end, I have to at least be the big brother and celebrate my brother’s entry to the real world through drinking.

We will be celebrating the holidays with our family and I definitely think that my parents especially won’t mind us – I definitely think that I would need to know what drinking is all about so that I won’t be too overwhelmed once I live alone and suddenly see myself stumble into a place where there is a huge drinking culture hehehe.

Putting alcohol and drinking aside, I think Christmas with its very religious symbolisms and reifications, I never forget about what I would promise myself after all the failures I encountered in my life for the last couple of months. This is technically what we call resolutions and we usually do that on the New Years. I thought I should be a bit more creative about it and look at it in a way where I set my resolutions before Christmas and reflect upon it on the last week of the year before New Year’s Eve. Before I proceed, I think I should go back on my post last year and see what I actually accomplished.

1. I’m pretty sure I have a lot more resources that will help me study Japanese and Spanish but I’m pretty much behind with being confident with the languages and I definitely want to resolve this through actually gaining more confidence with my language skills and use it when there’s a grand opportunity.

2. Books are awesome and although I stopped reading for a bit due to school, I suddenly stumbled upon Podcasts which I took advantage of since I bought my very first iPod – you probably have seen it from a past journal I posted here. I will definitely keep up with expanding my knowledge but most of all, I have to keep up with understanding the intricacies of communication and education through what I read and listen to.

I have to admit that I didn’t read ALL of the books on my library as I promised and my shelves are even getting filled up at this point because I was buying more Granta and Reader’s Digest magazines.

3. I failed to get a new job… no excuses.

4. In terms of music, I’ve got a lot more genres that I picked up on and though I’m a big jazz fan, I am glad to have opened up with all the others which always make my day – I’m a big fan these days of Canadian Indie Music through CBC Radio3’s Podcast with Grant Lawrence and Bande à Part, CBC’s French Music Station.

5. With my pursuits in university, I have decided lately that after I get my degree, I should take a year’s rest, then start working again towards either continuing my education or getting a job.

6. Although extremely idealistic, I still keep with the struggle to care for people more than what I want to happen for them.

7. Keeping up with my hobbies was one of my resolutions… But change in hobbies is also inevitable… From go, chess, Japanese Manga, and J-dramas, I suddenly see myself delve a lot more deeper on my plugs as I keep on listening to podcasts from CBC, BBC, RTVE, PRI, NPR, ABC Radio National, TBS Radio and Tokyo FM. I guess this falls on the idea now that my aim is to basically be as intelligent as I hope these endeavours would provide me with.

8. Yes! I did enjoy the UEFA Euro Cup 2008. I rooted for Spain in the Finals and I’m glad that they won – good job for both Iker Casillas for being an awesome keeper and Fernando Torres for bringing that championship winning goal… Germany definitely has a lot of potential for the FIFA World Cup 2010 so I hope they’re not losing any hope and the same thing I hope for Michael Ballack who was really hungry for a win ever since the very beginning.

As for the Beijing Olympics, I did enjoy their opening and closing ceremonies and I watched as many games as possible. I applaud Usain Bolt and Michael Phelps for being well-achieved athletes with their World Records and China for having the most gold medals grabbed throughout the events. I’m looking forward to 2010 Vancouver and 2012 London.


Those were the things I wanted to really wanted to take note of but I’m putting my additional resolutions at this point.

1. I will apply for jobs on 2009. There’s no reason why I have to keep my current job for 7 years.

2. I think I should get a laptop because I thought my brother’s video and photo business is doing well and I want to help him out.

3. I will get my degree!

4. I will try to get back on drawing comics.

5. I will socialize a lot more – being a family guy once again brought me aback to this particular pursuit.

6. I will be a little bit more sensitive yet sternly objective when I talk with people.

7. I will ask as many questions as I could to some religious/spiritual leaders or elders.

8. I’ll try to find some opportunities for journalism, photojournalism or storytelling.

9. Through the socializing that I’m hoping to improve on, I’d like to have intimate relationships too along the way.


This list may not be exhaustive but it’s what I have planned to reflect upon before the New Year’s.

To me personally, acting upon your will with a little bit of faith – not too much – can bring you forward in life. I guess that’s where I found out a new principle in life that as long as you know something can be benign, you shouldn’t fear it. Metathesiophobics and Xenophobics are understandable but real people do not fear change and diversity!


Well I hope everyone can find some way to reflect as well for themselves and for their loved ones this Christmas season. If you’re lost, here are some questions that you might want to reflect upon:

What have I accomplished?
What are the things that encouraged me towards my pursuits?
How can I use these inspirations for other things?
What are those things that I want to either resolve or achieve?


This time, I would like to wish everyone a Merry and Blessed Christmas and a Prosperous and Happy New Year! May all your celebrations be blessed and your thoughts and wishes bring light not just to your life as an individual but to everyone who you care and who cares for you. It’s a time for community and unity as far as this holiday season goes.

To the rest who may not be celebrating Christmas but will be taking advantage of the holidays… Happy Holidays to you as well!


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