Snowstorm and the Wonders of Winter

19 12 2008


This probably is one of the biggest snowstorms so far this season. Currently, the temperature should be around ten degrees below (-10ºC). The most frustrating thing about this event after 5 winters has to be shoveling the snow in front of our driveway (we lived in an apartment for a year so essentially the shoveling was already done for us that time).

Shoveling our driveway should take more or less than an hour if I work it alone and if I can handle the depth of the snow. From the photo above, I’m quite lucky that I have my brother with me so that we can get the job done quickly. The snow was about 20cm deep and we worked it in only about 30 minutes.

I always hoped that Canada will continue to enjoy the 4 seasons since it brings me personally into a reflective mood where my insular thoughts would always be shucked off and collaborate with the things that surround me leading to a different enlightened state and for sure open-mindedness which is essentially what people would end up with after a certain activity or experience that they might find significant in their lives. But of course I do recognize that the wonders of nature is not just self-serving to human beings throughout its existence.

Winter has a sense irony for me. It brings such radiance that lights our path everyday of our lives through its white colour yet the winter season is always thought to be sad and lonely not merely because of the fact that people couldn’t just go out of their houses to chill somewhere especially on a harsh weather that we just had today. But more to that is the idea that winter is almost like a harbinger of death – people and some species of animals and plants I suppose don’t experience death because of our various defensive mechanisms that living things have to become steadfast in extreme weather or climate conditions; and for people especially, we do have shelters where we can heat up ourselves and even sleep without thinking about getting hypothermia or producing blisters all over our bodies.

But what makes winter a harbinger of death is its destructive capabilities towards the nature beyond our control that we are amazed at during spring whether the beautiful flowers that bring colour around us or the pretty dandelions that in essence destroys the healthy grass surrounding it – they are weeds after all. From what we find during springtime, we enjoy nature as well during the summer which shows life at its peak with everything either continuing to grow or have grown enough to enjoy the grace of the good old and generous Sun. We also become daunted at nature during fall with the changing colour of the leaves.

When I would think about hell, from the viewpoint of a person living in the tropics, I bet too much heat would be considered hell. But the other extreme happen to be the same way as well. I don’t really mind about winter coming every year but I always hope that we don’t experience too many days with debilitating temperatures from -30ºC to -40ºC where I believe is too extreme and is just dangerous literally if you just step outside naked for 15 seconds – you’d be counting your last few 15 seconds if you do that hehehe.

But anyways, winter is one of those wonders of nature that definitely deserve to be documented by all of our writers and artists who never fail to always celebrate life and commemorate death in their every work.




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