Thoughts on the Holiday Season

16 12 2008

It’s really odd that I don’t feel too much of that Christmas spirit in the last couple of weeks. It did reach to the point where I thought this Christmas would be the most boring of all. But after a reflecting a lot about it, I found out that the happenings around the world is what makes this holiday season a bit insignificant on everyone’s minds. And I made a couple of thoughts to what I think we have to do during this really difficult time when we really need some kind of consolation.


First of all, THE RECESSION! This world became fearful of what came out eventually as the downturn of the world economy and probably some would be feeling less worked out about which gifts to buy, what stuff to prepare, or how much to spend on Christmas Eve.

For me – after learning about who the true Santa Claus is (if you’re a kid reading this, ask me who Santa is when you reach 6th grade or something) – Christmas has never been the same for me. But the thing is… essentially Christmas isn’t all about giving or receiving gifts – a very common cliché especially among Christians and those who are spiritually inclined. The Christmas spirit has to be seen in all angles of life aside from just making people happy through something as worldly as gifts.

Companionship, Respect, Patience, Kindness, Honesty, Politeness… getting along with people is one of the ways to celebrate the season. It’s basically celebrating life through meeting people, refreshing ties, and relearning about each other are some of the ideas which we kind of leave behind all because we become a lot more passionate about what we want personally and what we selfishly think is the right thing to do for the season that can make us complacent and content.


Striving has been a really significant thing in my life and it’s something that I think is important to realize at this point in time. We have become quite selfish through just getting something to serve our own wants. We want answers to questions that is keeping on bugging our minds for hours, days, weeks, months, even years. We just want something done! Do you know what we keep on forgetting? You guessed it!… Striving or working hard for it.

Why do we have to work hard? It’s not magic that we get our degree in the arts, sciences, law or business… We attain knowledge that we can use towards our careers; and essentially, our knowledge is something that doesn’t come out innately from every individual. If we don’t have access to our environment and learn things, we won’t be able to understand life and neither could we become creative.

I took driving lessons in the last quarter of this year and I have to say, one doesn’t just become a professional driver instantly. I had to realize that besides from just knowing how to start and run the car and applying my knowledge about the rules on the road, I had to develop a lot of non-driving related things into my driving.

I had to be self-confident. Going from point A to B on the road meant that you have to go where you want to go; and it works for me. Not only do I get from one point of the road to the other, but I do avoid any hazards on the road.

Being observant. With my limited vision inside the car, I had to be aware about what’s happening around me 360º. I look ahead for traffic, pedestrians, signs and hazards, I look at the mirrors and my blind spots to the side when changing lanes, I check my speed metre to make sure that I’m driving at the right speed. It’s an experience that changed my life.

Despite how my driving instructor snaps when I make mistakes, I don’t think that making it through the lesson and through the day is the right mentality. One good reason is because I know that my instructor is a nice person who just asserts to me that business means business – he’s liable for everything when the car gets smashed into pieces caused by a serious mistake that one of his students might do on the road. I’m sure that from the beginning, I didn’t want to mess with my instructor’s profession.

Aside from showing some empathy to my instructor, another really good reason why making it through the day without learning is not the right mentality is because it’s a waste of time and effort on both the instructor and the student. I correct my mistakes and just like DDR, from getting angry, my instructor do acknowledge and praise the things I do well on.

We won’t be able to reflect on all of these experiences which we cherish if we didn’t strive to understand during those times what it was to be a driving student, a university student, a student of life and what life has become after we come out of our student life.


Through friends, esperiences and self-reflections, we can refresh our lives and make sure that we can improve our lives or face the future with more enthusiasm especially if we find ourselves on the road towards a new start or a new change – I bet some people who have been watching American politics in the last couple of months got fed up with that “C” word hehehe.

And most importantly, these things that I talked about would hopefully make the holidays a lot more special since I have to admit, it’s not something that we do because partly our main excuse is our hectic schedules and for some, laziness.


But since we are about 9 days left, I would like to end this by wishing everyone a Joyful and Blessed Christmas and by reminding that this occasion was created because of the birth of Jesus Christ who came on this world to redeem God’s beloved people back to Him (I’m pretty sure it’s not too odd that I’m talking for or against my faith from time to time but my faith has always been good to me which is no doubt is something that I can never deny throughout my life), I hope everyone will have the chance to remember their friends, and recall their experiences, and I hope to get in touch with everyone on Christmas Day.




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