Blogger’s Frustrations

12 12 2008

I have become a blogger for a good 5 years now and it sure is difficult when one has to maintain his/her project in a consistent manner. Being a university student shouldn’t be a problem for me if my only problem would be to write a blog but I guess these are the days when a blogger needs to reorganize the structure of writing one has to redo, memorize and follow.

I was able to find CBC Radio One’s Spark with Nora Young really helpful with the blog tips that she talked about in her show together with Merlin Mann. I definitely have dedicated my blogs to friends but the thing that bothers me a lot is that I have that expectation of them reading my blogs and hopefully responding to them. Now that’s what you call wishful thinking on a higher level.

I wanted to deal with things that I usually break out personally at work while I charge my hands on the freezer on a blistering temperature… not only that, the winter season is making it worse. The thought of writing a blog about those thoughts would always be ruined because at the end of my damn shift, I would have to stay home and take a snooze right away without preparing any breakfast – which technically is dinner for me… Writing a blog about my thoughts is hard at my situation right now let alone drawing comics or writing up some eloquent literary work about it.

I just wanted my creative mind to return back to its normal state, especially now that there are many things that keep on coming to me telling me that change is coming and that I have to be optimistic and enthusiastic about it because the campaign for striving has always been the better campaign rather than just reaching for your goals and avoiding this very important question: “What next?”. And I sure hope that these ideas would reflect on my future blogs.




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