18 11 2008

I was able to read a recent post from a friend back in the Philippines through his DeviantArt account and got curious about ‘colourgenics’. I didn’t do that much research about it but it seems to be a test on a person’s state in terms of mood and emotions present at the time the test is being taken.


Colourgenics Website (it’s the first item that came out when i was googling it)

This is pretty much how it says about me in my current state and I was quite shocked that this is true…


Is it that you are working – or even playing – too hard? Because it would seem that you are experiencing a great deal of pent-up emotion at this time which could possibly take effect and lead to irrational behaviour.

You are finding the present situation extremely demanding and you’re having difficulty coping with it. A great deal of strain is involved and you would really like everyone and everything to leave you alone for a while, just so that you can put everything into perspective.

You are a demanding egocentric and therefore quick to take offence. This attitude makes people feel somewhat inadequate when in your company and so it is no wonder that at times you feel alone and unwanted.

You are feeling full of uncertainty and worrying over what you consider as missed opportunities. This is causing considerable stress and tension. You feel that there must be more to life than the constant pressures and anxieties – that surely life must hold far more opportunities than that which it has to date presented to you. You sincerely believe that there must be a simpler way to tap life’s hidden recourses and should you be able to find that way – you could achieve your hearts desire. It’s the not knowing ‘how’ that is affording you the constant worry. You are constantly probing and seeking – trying to ensure that at all times you are on your guard against missing any opportunity. ‘Enough is enough’. You are anxious to avoid further setbacks. You are strenuously trying to make sure that you will not be overlooked and you badly need security.

There is that inherent fear that you may be prevented from attaining the better things in life – those things that you consider essential to your well-being. So you are prepared to try everything to prove to yourself that whatever you do or try will go wrong. This destructive attitude could come under the heading of ‘a self fulfilling prophesy’. This belittling yourself is your method of disguising how hopeless and what a waste of time you feel that everything is. So now turn it about. As you ‘think’, so you are… So ‘imagine’ yourself successful. ‘Pretend’, ‘act it out’ and you may be pleasantly surprised at the outcome.


I am currently feeling a lot of things have passed and that as I reflect upon it, I find out that I had tons of things that I’ve missed in the last 24 years of my existence. The little intricate details that the results showed also is being manifested currently in my thoughts – particularly the feeling of being alone or unwanted.

I have to say this doesn’t really tell my personality in its permanence. I figured it out with just reading the first phrase which asks me about working too hard. I guess I can say that I am a perfectionist in a way and that anything that I couldn’t achieve even by just a pinch would be considered a failure but the colourgenics results tried to encourage self-reflection – that we should do something about our lives when we actually see something is wrong with it; and I would say it’s wrong because it leads us to becoming depressed, pessimistic and worst of all cynical about the world in our own perspective.

Thankfully this will wake me up to the reality that I need to go out there and become a better person than what this analysis have described me of.


Anyways, I got this from my friend bigberd @…
check out his journal related to colourgenics by clicking the image at the bottom.



I found another website where most likely the DeviantArt peeps went to. I tried out the site which pretty much does the same thing as the last site I posted. I could have reconsidered doing the activity but because of how I understood the test as a description of one’s mood/emotions at present, I did the test and here are my results.


Name: Indiecitizen
Date: 11/19/2008
Colorgenics Number: 46213750

It would appear that at this particular time of your life you are going through a tough time. You are feeling (or have recently felt) miserable and depressed and perhaps you are still feeling that way. Maybe all the trials and tribulations just aren’t worth it. Your present anxieties could have been associated with either your ‘private’ or ‘business’ life – whatever … what you really need at this time is to get away from it all, maybe a vacation – alone, or better still, perhaps with someone that you know really cares for you, someone who appreciates you – not for what you have but for who you are. A short vacation may be all you need to afford you the time to recover and to get back to your normal vital self.

You are very orderly, methodical and self sufficient. You demand and need the respect, recognition and understanding of all those who enter into your sphere on influence.

Everything seems to have gone wrong and the situation at this time is such that you are not quite sure which way to turn. So it would appear that you are ‘holding back’, re-consolidating your position and relinquishing all fun and games for the time being.

You are on tenterhooks and appear to be extremely nervous and upset. You are bored and you feel that life has far more to offer than this present day mundane existence. The way that you feel indicates that you have the need for a responsive and understanding relationship. You are prepared to follow up any opportunity which may present itself. However you are very choosy and you refuse to be swept off your feet unless integrity can proved to be 100% genuine. Therefore you are holding back, keeping your emotions in check because before you let down your guard you have to be sure. You are too trusting and you have no desire to be hurt again. You are responsive to conditions around you – but forever under control.

Being afraid that you may be prevented from achieving your hopes and dreams is making you anxious and nervous. As a dreamer your ideas can at times move into the realm of fantasy and you could be following that so called illusive dream.



I have to say it is getting a bit creepier despite how fascinating it is. As gloomy as it is, it’s very accurate. A while ago, I was just playing video games not thinking about my studies or anything that I find to have more value in life than anything else in my life. Sad to say, I still am pursuing my degree and it’s not going to what I thought it would be.

Nonetheless, this is something to look over once I decide to eventually move on in life thinking seriously about work and school and letting go of my hobbies for a while.




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