1 07 2008

Happy 141st Birthday Canada!

It’s been a while since I’ve been living in this great country full of the wonders of nature. From the existence of the clean blue seas on the coastlines of the country to the icy mountains during wintertime to the green lively colour of the trees in the summer and the colourful leaves that stay and fall in autumn; I was able to find the home in this country for those things as much as how I love city life and the life of an academic.

For some classmates that I met in high school and college, I guess it’s hard to find someone who actually think that Canadian history isn’t boring. To me, it might be boring in some aspects but I’m quite amazed by how this country became the producer of innovators and inventors in the age of discovery. With innovators also come visionaries and people who execute plans to create – in July the 1st’s case, the creation of a country.

Canada Day is a national holiday. For me, it was a family affair as we went to church to offer our prayers for more blessings to this country that we have adopted and of course to make this country a model to many nations around the world who have tons of issues that are very difficult to solve due to a lot of things that these countries may lack. Of course Canada isn’t the most perfect country in the world. But I guess it really comes down to “who will do anything to protect and preserve the good principles that countries have offered to its old and new citizens.” – so I pray that there are many people who would be willing to make the best out of the countries that they are living in or ruling and Canada did that exactly for 141 years.

My hopes, wishes and prayers go out to those who are celebrating Canada Day and as well as to all countries who recognize their individual declaration of sovereignty around the world. That there will be more people who actually care for the better lives of people in the country.



Along with the 141st Canada Day, I’d also like to celebrate the 400th Anniversary of Quebec and the 100th Anniversary of Anne of Green Gables which is being celebrated in Prince Edward Island, setting for the famous fiction novel by Lucy Maud Montgomery.




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