Happy 100th Anniversary to Anne of Green Gables

12 06 2008

I haven’t watched the films nor have I read “Anne of Green Gables” but I am pretty aware about how it is a Canadian story and that it is set in Prince Edward Island. The story spread throughout the world as far as the United States, Europe and Japan.

The book was written by Lucy Maud Montgomery and was published in June 1908. It was aimed at fiction readers of all ages, translated in 33 languages, and was adapted into TV Series, Film, Musical Play, and even into an Anime series in Japan who at that time was adapting tons and tons of stories from the west (others I might remember are “The Sound of Music”, “Princess Sarah”, “Heidi”, “The Dog of Flanders”, etc… I might try to find the time reading the book and have my reflections on it – living here in Canada, I think I really need to read it. From studying Canadian History, I only read “Marie Chapdelaine”, “Kiss of the Fur Queen” and part of “Obasan”.

But that aside… For now, I’d like to celebrate the 100th anniversary of Anne of Green Gables since its publication.

Anne of Green Gables helped a lot with the tourism industry of PEI where half of the tourists came in all because of the novels. This year, there will be an event called “Anne 2008” and the organizers and facilitators are hoping to not just make it into another event which will just draw tourists but also a way for the islanders themselves in PEI to revisit and become fascinated once again to the story of Anne as well as the life in the island more than a hundred years ago.





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