Choice vs. Destiny

4 06 2008

It’s been a while since I wrote my last self-reflective journal.

In our lives, we sometimes think about how we become what we are. And the answer is always through the contradicting ideas of the natural and the human influence. Some people would think that we are destined to be what we are at present. Others would think that it was choice that brought us to our present state.

I believe that everything is relative in this world. We might not recognize our very origins yet as hundreds or even thousands of generations pass by, our birth only seems to be our destiny. But we don’t understand that our lives are all up in the air.

We are destined to have a mind to be able to think, a free will to be able to choose and an uncertainty that we have to find out for ourselves and understand. It comes along with us as we are born… We are born with a worldview that our parents didn’t really make for us. We are born as individuals; we are embedded with the “self” idea because of that.

For this, I believe that our lives are not caused by destiny. After all, we are given minds and free wills and individual worldviews and perceptions. We are given the opportunity to choose what kind of lives we are supposed to have and preserve for the rest of our lives and hopefully will be inherited (not destined) to the future generations.

We live in a world filled with many directions and paths that will lead us into different lives. We are all able to become anything in this world. There are so many opportunities that we human beings can grab… all we have to do is to grab it and culminate ourselves to become the people who we want to be, who we think we should be, who we aspire to be, who we are willing to end up to be.

And the key really is “choice”…. not “destiny”…

Destiny is the result of our choice – and for that, we choose our destinies.

How should this help people in their pursuit towards the understanding of life?

The self is part of one’s life… You are part of your own life. Why do you always think of being enslaved? Why do you think of being predestined? You can make choices, it’s part of your free will! And most importantly, you can change your life overall; you can change your whole personality; you can pursue a different path in life…

What brings you there are the opportunities… the options… you see them around you, trying to inspire you, trying to draw you into a wild world, into a certainty which you might have never considered in your life to happen. You are given the chance to bore out and patch up the holes in your life.

Do not worry about what life has in store for you because there is uncertainty and you can always use choice through free will to fill up that uncertainty and tell yourself that life isn’t all about destinies – it’s all about choices.


If you’re just wondering…

With regards to love life, I’m pretty sure this applies. Taking advantage of your opportunities will lead you into bumping on a person who might have recognized those opportunities as well and grabbed it along with you.

I have met and almost got close with about a couple of girls… but it’s sad because I rather choose not to commit for now and focus a lot on my studies. Though it’d be lovely though that I would be inspired in my studies a lot by a girl who I’d like to treasure in my life.





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