Metal Gear Solid 2

14 05 2008

Currently Playing Metal Gear Solid 2

I thought MGS2 is brilliant, unfortunately, I felt depressed. I guess some people who have played the game will know why. It’s because she died. It made me horrified and I was even hoping for an alternate storyline so that she could be kept alive. I did tons of research on the internet and none came out.

I was just so disappointed and hurt by that part of the story. To think that she’s a lovable character and end up like that is just unacceptable. I just hope someone would cryogenically preserve her or maybe her nanomachines will heal her or something on future games.

Nonetheless, I am about to battle with the bug machines at this point.


Oh, and I forgot, the girl I wanted to see Meryl isn’t in this game… she’s going to appear instead on MGS4. Too bad I don’t have a Playstation3 at the moment but I hope that she’s can make me forget about the other girl in MGS2. I just couldn’t get it out of my head at the moment.


The gameplay is quite neat keeping up with the first game. There are more weapons and there are more items to use.

However, I liked the continues of Snake when he dies in the game rather than Raiden’s which have annoyed me so much.

The biggest disappointment I had in this game was the plot and character development. I couldn’t understand a single bit of it and there are few references to Titanic – Jack & Rose – and not to mention the girl who died after being stabbed by one of the villains who I never wanted to exist in the story because of his awfully general characteristic which exists in a lot of villains in many stories – he’s a vampire (now people are starting to know what I’m talking about).

Characters are mixed up, repeat scenes from MGS1 are evident – the difference is that Raiden is the one on the receiving end of it. And all kinds of crap.

I’m disappointed with MGS2, with the story, with the plot and with the death of that girl who has an important story to tell and who would be amazing if only the game made her live. I wish they made some other kind of story for MGS2.




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