Literature and Film brings passion!

14 05 2008

I read books, watch films and play video games in order to learn a lot about life and be able to know how people react and feel in different situations. It brings passion!

Through novels by Paulo Coelho and Banana Yoshimoto, I learn about the intricacies of life through how people struggle and face the harshness of challenges in life. Yet we still stay strong to be able to do what we normally do in our everyday lives.

Through international films, I get to learn about different cultures and value empathy. We all act differently depending on how we are raised and what we are involved with in our environment. It’s not just natural as a lot of people would argue.

Through video games, I test out my senses and act out willingly to reach the goals that I’ve been asked to.

Passion is all about emotions and how we perceive them or execute them. Through literature, film and video games, we do become emphatic, knowledgeable and sensitive.




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