Solid Snake Collection!

6 05 2008

I was browsing through the electronics department of the grocery store where I work and found this:

Metal Gear Solid: The Essential Collection
Contains: Metal Gear Solid, Metal Gear Solid 2 and Metal Gear Solid 3
Producer: Hideo Kojima
Company: Konami

I missed the very first Metal Gear Solid game for the Playstation (one) and I really thought I will never have the chance to play it again. I gave up on MGS2 after realizing how it looks different from the first one and I never even bothered when the third installment was released for the Playstation2.

To think that I’d be getting all the three games was something I never expected.

I played the first game over the last 2 days. After 7 years I realized that for two discs, the first Metal Gear Solid was too short. The plot was just sweet and simple and you know what to do in every part of the game. I beat the game easily and I beat it twice already viewed both Meryl’s and Otacon’s endings and acquiring the bandana for infinite ammo, the camera and the stealth item. I was able to make Snake wear the tuxedo as well.

The funny thing about this was that on the first day, I suddenly had a terrible headache when I was playing MGS all because of the excitement to see the game again. Anyways…

Throughout the game, the only hard part was the very last fight of Snake which was mano a mano.

But it wouldn’t be fun without hearing the voices of Snake’s friends over the Codec whenever Snake dies (what happened? snake Snake SNAAAAAAAAAAKE!!!). Everytime I remember MGS, that always come into mind.

Speaking of Snake’s Codec, I was intrigued with the last empty slot in the Codec Menu. I found out that there is a hidden Codec number and the voices of the makers of the game will be heard. Unfortunately, the hidden Codec number only works for the Japanese version of the game.

But overall, MGS definitely have brought me joy.

Now, I have to give my brain some room for MGS2 and 3.




One response

6 05 2008

I’d have to say that MGS1 & MGS3 are both pretty decent games…the second one was just over-hyped as it was supposed to be a launch title for the PS2. The same might be said for the upcoming MGS4 but I’m still holding judgement until I get my hands on it!

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