Summer Vacation!

20 04 2008

I feel so refreshed! After all the exams and hard work I had in school, within my friends, my family, at home, at work and here in the Internet.

Temperatures have reached a fair 20 degrees Celsius and the humidity is just unbearable yet can be remedied by tons and tons of water.

As we come into the middle of the month of April, I have decided to go back to my new years resolutions and see which ones from the list I was able to accomplish. I’m pretty sure that I have done some of them and of course through choice, I can have the opportunity to do the others I haven’t accomplished throughout the summer vacation.

To those students from Canadian colleges and universities – except the graduates – I wish all of you a great four months of summer vacation. And I hope September won’t be a new nightmare. Four months is long enough to enjoy life.

To the graduates, keep those brain caps on and I hope all of you the best in your future endeavours whether it may be pursuing Masters & PhD, or going straight to the workforce, or enhancing your studies.




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