“A Little Literature”

20 04 2008

Learning the ways of communication is sometimes a hard endeavour. It requires you to practice a lot of reading. Sometimes, one would forget altogether how to understand communication materials.

I asked my brother to give me this book:

“A Little Literature”
by Sylvan Barnet, William Burto and William E. Cain

It’s a supplement in reading texts, short stories, etc.; it also talks about writing in detail which I think would be easy to understand since it relates back to reading in terms of the structure and all other intricate elements of literature.

Lastly, it deals a lot with the significant tools on argument and critiquing. As I live my post-secondary career, I continue to grow with the idea of argumentation and critique as essential tools towards understanding and unconditional engagements in discussions and debates. Some people do see it in this fashion.

But we have to understand that the practices of reading, writing, argumentation, critique, discussions, debates, conversations, interviews, even writing CV’s, resumés and dossiers are all forms of communication and in a world where democracy is practiced, it’s all about mutual understanding aside from just trying to define ourselves to the world we live in and share with others.




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