Q-ring in Pluto’s orbit, on now!

13 04 2008

I was taking a nap this afternoon after being so tired from working last night when I had a really interesting dream….

~ I read a headline (couldn’t remember if it was from a newspaper or from an online news site), but it read “Q-RING IN PLUTO, ON NOW”. I talked with a friend of mine in university about it and we saw a video of the solar system where there’s this weird thing orbiting around the orbit of Pluto. It’s not orbiting normally and it’s moving from the orbit of Pluto all the way towards the sun almost hitting the other planets and out the solar system.

And things became a lot more chaotic when some kind of formation took place. I heard that the thing which orbited the orbit of Pluto was some kind of key to somehow enhancing the engine of the solar system. And I saw little circles connected to big circles moving like cogs on a clock. ~

Then I woke up…





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