Sticks and Stones

8 04 2008

“Sticks and stones may break my bones but words will never hurt me.”

I was wondering before if there would be any quotes or passages that would relate to my belief that words are only utterances and blots of ink. I got this quote after hearing “Sticks and Stones” from a very successful Broadway show called “Avenue Q”. I heard this when Trekkie Monster was called a pervert by Kate Monster for using the Internet for porn – thus came the famous song called “The Internet is for Porn”. Just like Trekkie Monster, I did experience being called names and yet it never went into my mind to throw a punch at someone’s face or flick a knee on someone’s balls.

I detest people who would threat me with a punch in the face in exchange for mere words. It’s even more difficult when in a certain discussion/debate, I don’t realize I began throwing my passions rather than my intelligence – which makes me look like an arrogant person. But you can’t really put out a fire with fire and I feel so disappointed that some of the people I debate with don’t find the time to relax and reflect on what was discussed at hand and what messages are supposed to be sent and to which party – i.e. looking for the main point and see what we value so that understanding can kick in.

Sorry I got no time to tell a story, but I guess we have to accept the fact that people do get hurt with words and they will claim that they have the right to fight back with violence – some at a certain degree.

But words are words.




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