Pushing the envelope towards open-mindedness…

8 03 2008

People do not have the same approaches in understanding a certain knowledge. Thus we start to think twice, doubt and even become inconsiderate especially if we become emotionally-driven learning that what we believe in is being attacked or encroached on through what we believe are influences and forcible attempts to change an individual.

Religion, politics, philosophy, ideas, even ordinary issues – when it comes to talking and communication, it’s not easy to discuss things because all of us have various views of life, the universe and morality. Rather than having a senseless debate where what matters is “The Winner”, we should be a lot more understanding.

We mustn’t try to understand the characteristics and reputation of the person who is debating against us, we have to focus on the topic or issue at hand and come up with common grounds that everyone can care about rather than being too aggressive or defensive with the language that we use and destroy our relationships with our friends all because of it.

We also have to be considerate. Consider this question: “What do you want me to understand?” You may disagree a lot with your honourable adversaries, yet simple conversations and debates do not last when one side agrees with the other or if one side has lost – no one loses in a debate, more research causes debates to rise that’s why no one should care about the fundamental views of people doing debates.

Debates last when there are “common grounds” between people. One of the main reasons is that we are talking for the benefit of everyone, not just ourselves cause we know we are satisfied with what we essentially think in certain issues and discussions. Talk about what we should value or what solutions or recommendations we should make or what we should reflect on.

~I’m going to talk about the “apathetic” view on a later blog.




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