Active Change overpowers Boring Routines

7 03 2008

Ever worked as a cashier or a cook in a fast-food restaurant or a merchandise stocker in a supermarket or a department store? Ever talked to a friend about the same thing everyday?

They are all routine activities and it annoys the hell out of me.

That constitutes well with my philosophy as I see myself as a preserver and defender of “change”. My life have changed a lot. I did travel outside of the country as a child; I stayed eventually in my home country for a number of years to study and learn passively as most people do anyways in that country; I flew again to another country to study college and university, to become astonished and amazed with the notion of community service and volunteer work, to become naturalized, and to stay hopefully for the rest of my life.

I sure have shared with a lot of people my love for my family and I guess that’s normal for very obvious reasons: it establishes the image of my family to others and it results to making good relationships with other people when you let them know more about yourself – and it’s a good thing because you want people around you to at least give you a smile for being a caring person or being someone who thinks well about other people. I assure you that this expression is genuine (i’ll go on that particular topic later on). But one might think that this is going to be too boring when I talk about it again and again to people around me.

My love for my family is not a routine thing because I do experience being mad at my family and to anticipate those who are thinking why I’m not putting up my horrible feelings about my family here in my blog; the issue of family is very personal for me and the mood of anger and hatred brings my mind away from everything around me including my blog.

I would however react on other issues in any way possible yet those are more mind-utilizing rather than emotion-driven.

Another thing is that to other people, talking about yourself is something that they will learn for the very first time. So it’s not routinely for them to know about you – which is very obvious and is more interesting when your appearance differs from who you are.


People do change in different aspects of their lives short-term and long-term whether it’s their personalities, their view on life, their tastes on clothes or TV shows, their attitudes towards a certain issue or object of interest, or their appearance. Change have brought a lot of people into different levels of moods but the feeling of relief, happiness and shattered anxiety and frustration is the most fascinating thing that have happened to human beings when they change.

Whenever I read one book at a time, I learn more about the world in many aspects and authors definitely show different angles to life that brings forth insight and new emotions even. An example would be laughing at someone who lost in a lottery or showing grief for someone who just met the lover of their lives or annoyance on issues like victims of bullying or travelling around the world which doesn’t really make me annoyed at all.

Normally, I’d rejoice with the lottery winner, I’d be excited for something like lovers meeting up for the very first time, I’d feel for the bullied and I’d anticipate the foreshadowing stories of travels and journeys of a certain person around the world.

Not only does change bring forth relief, it opens one’s mind to all the possibilities of life and why we react a certain way. I personally really want to bring myself into this world filled with the knowledge of feelings and the reason why we feel them in different situations rather than feeling one thing and being that way for the rest of our lives as if we only consider the dictionary definition of “love” and not ask other people or read books to expand our knowledge of the word.

If I’m going to expand on routines, it’s basically like my intro questions. Punching the buttons of a cash register, stocking merchandise on shelves, deep-frying fried chicken and french fries and flipping hamburgers, how would you possibly feel about it? You’d be bored, annoyed and feel sick. But some people don’t have any choice because they are being rewarded with money everytime they do such repetitive activities.

The same thing goes with conversation. If you always talk about how crappy your life is everyday, how would you possibly become uplifted and become confident about moving on in your life? If you refuse to make a new discovery and face it, how would you feel better? If you lose hope because you know you will never find a way to move on, how would that actually send you to bliss which you have always hoped for in your life? You’re going to sit down in a cold and boring environment! Another big difference is that you don’t have any kind of incentive like a weekly salary when you routinely talk with someone about the same thing.

That’s why Active Change overpowers Boring Routines. You need to feel great about your life everyday, you need to know a lot of lore and insights to make you feel better and eventually move on an even better state of life for yourself.

CHANGE! It’s worth it!




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