The Truth is Uncertain

4 03 2008

Through looking at the times when there were skepticism on religion and imperfections on human abilities in terms of cognition and sensation throughout history, I found out that the truth is something that isn’t really perfect, it’s not perceivable, it’s not tangible and it’s not attainable all because people end up either taking a shallow perspective in the world where there is a supernatural being that guides the continuous movement of the universe, and on the other hand, people end up being too superficial thinking that the truth is in what we perceive with our senses in this world taking for granted everything that are deceptive.

There is something that is really missing from all these. And people are kept being ignorant about it. What proof can we have to argue that there is a God? What makes us assert that our senses can unfold the truth when the truth is different from every person?

If there is one truth in any aspect of life and the universe, everyone must agree with it right? But no! It doesn’t happen that way and this world is even created in unequal ways. For individuals, we have this fascinating phenomena called “uniqueness”. This reminded me of Gandhi who told us that we cannot kill anyone and one of the reasons is because everyone holds some kind of idea that can contribute to truths that people so care about.


In a lot of instances, I always ask myself these questions:

Why do we think? How come human beings have come to this point in time? How come our environment is getting destroyed? Is there any supernatural being that guides the natural activities taking place in this world?

Of all the stars and planets that exist out there in space zillions of kilometres away from the Earth, what makes us human beings think that we hold the truth?

Can we hold the truth? Does our senses really tell us something? Does our thoughts hold some kind of truth as well? Is there a certainty in this world in terms of the truth that people must know?

Math is abstract, it is true that it facilitates counting and calculating, but what does that tell about the truth that is important in our lives? What does math have to do with researching the possibility that mobile phones do in fact cause cancer? What does math have to do with learning how many people are talented and how many are not? Why do we care so much about numbers? How come math through statistics and the scientific method become a legitimate rationale for explaining certain phenomena. What is the role of numbers towards truth?

What is truth?

With all the things that people put into their thought which they in turn persuade or force other people to believe… I believe that as we persist on revealing the truth, the more we are actually concealing it.




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