Portico Quartet

1 03 2008

At last, after months of searching videos, I found a really good quality video of Portico Quartet, a British experimental jazz band which is well known for its hung drum rhythms.

Here’s one video that I would like to share:

“Cittagazze” by Portico Quartet

There’s no other jazz bands so far that could replace this band which have moved me so much ever since I learned about them almost 2 years ago.

Jazz have become a source for my life full of turns and tricks. The unstable beats, the aggressive and defensive expressions, the interpretation of a culture or an idea; a multi-sided perspective of life played all in one piece, all in one genre; it links the honest and the humble to the pretentious and the hypocritical, the joyful and cheerful to the sorrowful and miserable, the uplifting to the disparaging. Two sides that we have to accept in life.

Nothing can ever replace jazz in my mind.




2 responses

14 01 2009

can’t seem to find info on the vocalist who works with portico quartet on cittagazze ep.

14 01 2009

um. that was a mistake.

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