Nature & The Human Encroachment

14 02 2008


Have you ever wondered about how great nature is? This question was raised after I watched a documentary on the Great Lakes which is located between Canada and the US. No one would deny I guess that nature is a great thing and it is beneficial towards the health and well-being of the people. There’s more wonder with nature rather than with man-made objects which we nowadays see especially when we are living in the city.

I always get so upset with learning that God wants the people to go ahead and multiply here on earth. Was that a trick played on us humans? Did God tell us a bad joke? Doesn’t He know that He’s letting the people destroy nature by actually letting us multiply? Did we human beings had to realize for ourselves for so long the effects of overpopulating this world so that we could actually start using condoms and go to family planning workshops?

Which leads me to this question: If nature is going to ask you to die for the sake of maintaining its beauty and it’s wonder, would you do it?

Nature is a beautiful thing and it brings peace of mind to those who are living in pain, stress, distress, disappointment, anxiety, anger, fear and displeasure. It brings forth a lot more meaning to art as the saying goes “nature imitates art”.

But the human beings are destroying it because of the uncompromising pursuit for progress which would have to cost several hectares of wild forests, a thousand habitats, and a thousand kilograms of beautiful rocks. If there aren’t that much people in this world, nature would still be beautiful. Or if we couldn’t just avoid it, if people knew what to do with nature, we would still live side-by-side with the wonders that fill our souls with peace and astonishment.

For this (in diversion to the real issue), I also think it’s a far better way to die for the sake of nature rather than for the sake of ideologies and organized religious beliefs. It’s much better to sacrifice for the uncertain rather than for something that we might carry unconsciously as a lie.




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