Lessons from the Rubik’s Cube

13 02 2008


I was able to solve a Rubik’s Cube tonight and this would be the third time. There was a few cheating involved – I was consulting the website which I put in my “Sites of Interest”. But nonetheless, I never really thought I would see my own Rubik’s cube look like when I bought it for the very first time.

What I learned through the dreaded cube is that it measures our thinking abilities – logical, mathematical, scientific, etc. For some of us, we could only reach as far as the multiplication table (for lack of figurative language) and the reason for that is because we don’t have enough learning experience to back up the ability that is expected of the puzzle.

In the beginning, I only know how to solve the top and the first two layers of the sides of the cube relying on what makes sense to me and what knowledge I have (without knowing the notion of algorithms and maintaining a certain level of ability in puzzle-solving).

So I learn more about algorithms, I learn more about techniques, I learn the solution, I get the whole idea, all I have to do is to fully involve myself and make sure that I do understand how to solve it. When I get to solve it, it’s like being able to do what is impossible. I regretted the idea that there is no possibility that I can solve the Rubik’s cube.

For this, it just proves my philosophy that if we believe in the possibilities of life, then nothing is impossible.

That goes with everything else in life. We just accept the fact that we are what we are. But I don’t think it’s to our benefit really to have that kind of mentality.

Life is full of possibilities. The only key towards making the impossible “possible” is learning and experience. In this perception of life, we treat the bizarre as something that cannot be underestimated, and we do not allow human development to remain stagnant. The result is that we can do what is impossible.

Now, I think that IT IS POSSIBLE for me to solve the Rubik’s cube, and I did through expanding my knowledge and understanding. Shouldn’t we treat our problems in life (and all aspects of life) like that as well?




One response

26 08 2008

Good i did the same thing WITHOUT ANY ALGORYTHM.I myself found out the solution by my logic,and yes i tough i did impossible!

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