Reflecting on the Typewriter

9 02 2008


When I got home last night – after walking along slippery sidewalks and crossing slushy and wet roads – I found an electronic typewriter on our doorstep. It came out to be our neighbour’s and they apparently told us to keep it. I couldn’t believe we’d see another one of those old typewriters in our age and time, I couldn’t even think of us owning one right now.

Well it was a treat for us, that’s for one thing. I also wondered how much the thing cost when our good neighbours first bought it because I bet the company who distributed this could have a great deal of profit for it – for one it is electronic and it has features such as the quick erase function where you could actually find a white ribbon which erases your mistakes and other functions which prevents the hassle of whatever hassles there may be when people were using typewriters regularly.

My brother told me that the typewriter could be used as a prop for a film and I agreed.

Anyways, I have to admit I was not able to use a typewriter for any formal purpose yet I was able to play with one. The first time I saw one was when I was little in my mom’s hometown. My uncle was a teacher in a local high school there and he usually carries with him a typewriter which he obviously uses at work. I got enchanted with it but unfortunately my uncle couldn’t allow me to play with it so when I first got a hold of it, my uncle kept on hiding it later on.

I didn’t really become astounded with the typewriter that time because I saw a typewriter for the very first time when I already have seen a computer. I knew how to check files in a disk, I knew how to go from one drive to another, I knew how to boot into a disk, I knew MS-DOS pretty well, I knew how to use the computer back when I was 4 years old. I dunno if this was how I thought of it as a child, but I was aware of how restricted it is when you’re using a typewriter.

In another way though, I really admire those who have thought of creating this device which became a stepping stone towards the rise of computers. What’s interesting is that it’s not just an invention that is very reliable in terms of creating messages and school work, but it’s an amazing tool that can be utilized without the help of electricity.

I have no idea why did an electronic typewriter came into conception but I hope the reason was more of what electronic features the typewriter can offer rather than merely assuming that having an electronic typewriter makes the user look cool hehehe.




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