Aesop Fables

28 01 2008


I had a homework for my Spanish class, and that is to read an Aesop story in Spanish.

This suddenly brought me into curiosity about who Aesop was. Least to say, I always thought all along that Aesop is someone who came along with the likes of Mother Goose and the Grimm Brothers in the middle ages / dark ages. Of course this is because of the fact that Aesop’s works are mostly published for a children audience.

I’m planning to read several of his works and when I get enough sleep, I’m also going to read Aesop’s biography. But for the meantime, I have two sites to accompany this journal of mine, I hope it would mean a lot more for me.

Fábulas de Esopo – Aesop Fables in Spanish

Bestiaria Latina – Aesop Fables in English and Latin




2 responses

19 06 2010

But Grimm’s stories are part of German romanticism of about 200 years ago. I wonder whether you will like Aesop’s fables. Most of the ones I know are a bit mean. I would not want to have to read a pile of them all at once.

19 06 2010

Reading JP II ! Imagine. Though I think that fides was an encyclical. He comes through much (much!) better in his “Crossing the Threshold of Hope” which is informal, autobiographical with great tell tale photos.

I say: put Aesop on the reading list for later.

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