27 01 2008

For me, it’s always a great thing to have hobbies. But since I met this friend of mine who is well versed with life, I suddenly realized that hobbies aren’t just something that will bring you towards a relaxing state. Hobbies are supposed to educate people as it provides entertainment and leisure to bored people.

What does it mean to collect music? What does it mean to collect and read books? to learn languages? to play hackeysack? to play sports? to play chess and other board games? to roam around the city? to go hiking? to assemble toys? to research about stuff?

The very aim of hobbies is to make lives a lot more productive. For me, I definitely want to develop a lot of my skills and abilities through my hobbies and I’m glad that is actually the right way to think about it.

Right now, I’m reading novels and studying languages. It’s a hard thing for me to actually do the effort of doing these activities but the reward is that I become a lot higher in life than before when I didn’t even consider to commit myself to these activities.

– i’m a bit sleepy so i’ll have to stop here for now, sorry guys –




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