“What the Cat Dragged In” by Gilbert Morris

26 01 2008

“What the Cat Dragged In”
by Gilbert Morris

(26janMMVIII) – Finished the first 6 Chapters up to this point –

“What the Cat Dragged In” is one of Gilbert Morris’ novel series (Jacques & Cleo: Cat Detectives). I got a bit frustrated with the books I was reading so I needed some light reading material and I thought the best place to get one is from the Christian Bookstore several blocks from my place.

So far I read the first 6 chapters. The story is basically all about a two individuals – Kate, a mother from outside Memphis and Jake, a writer from Chicago – who were blessed with an inheritance from a distant relative to move in a piece of land close by the beach in Alabama.

I got hooked on right away at the beginning of the story where Kate, who have been working in Wal-Mart for a long time and living without a husband, was struggling in life trying to pay her necessities and feed her only son Jeremy who is 12 years old yet mature enough to think for himself.

It must be really unfortunate for Kate to be a single parent. I’m glad that the good side of it is that Jeremy doesn’t ask too much from her. They live as a happy family having a good quality time speaking with each other expressing each other’s thoughts and feelings, watching movies together. basically having quality time together as a family in a small but warm atmosphere.

However, I didn’t like too much the character development of the hungry writer Jake from Chicago. I have to admire him for knowing a lot about food and for being able to deal with people in dangerous situations especially knowing the fact that he lives in the heart of the city where a lot of things happen which are worth writing in a novel.

But it’s a little odd for me to visualize a Russell Crowe (impression of Jake gave by Kate) who is all whiny and grumpy and on top of that, I didn’t like how the book dealt with his fears and phobias – I suddenly imagined a Russell Crowe climbing on a chair which is just awkward and funny at the same time. I hope he’ll man up later on in the story.

Both Kate and Jake became – as what inheritance tells – relatives in the story and their good company with each other in Alabama is something that will be tested in the story along with an even bigger story which will come up in chapters to come.

The only reason why I kept on reading this book is all because of the two cats: Jacques (aka Jacques the Ripper) who is a tough-minded cat who doesn’t like strangers – and when he does see one, he’ll rip them with his sharp claws. I’m glad he drove his claws to that Russell Crowe guy hehehe. The other cat is named Cleo (you’d think Cleopatra) who is the direct opposite of Jacques. She is affectionate towards humans. Unfortunately, that’s all I could say about Cleo. I was always waiting for that time when the story personifies the two cats where they’re both talking with each other – I do enjoy myself with this because I find reality inspired fiction boring sometimes.




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