Good Command of the English Language

25 01 2008

I always feel defeated whenever I see job offerings that has expectations such as:

* Has Good Command of the English Languages

* Excellent Communications Skills

* Fluency in English

How is it to be able to have excellent skills in English? One of the ways is reading. One reads to be able to familiarize themselves with words and expressions that can be used in everyday life and in everyday interaction with people.

Sad to say, I hate reading and I have to admit that my brain is always lazy to do anything productive in order for me to mature as a person I’m supposed to be.

My brother do have a good command in the English language, of course he grew up here and is probably more productive with his studies than I am despite him hanging out with his techie stuff in his room. I’m happy for him though don’t get me wrong. I can never envy my brother, in fact, if he asks help from me, I’d give it to him anytime as long as I’m not busy myself – which would most likely be an excuse, yet I won’t let him take advantage of that fact.

I always tried to reflect on a lot of things and it’s really annoying because I get sleepy when I do that. Do I have to be healthy? Am I lacking some kind of requirement in order to have the energy to become productive everyday of my life?

What makes me so worried about the idea of having a good command of the English language?

Last year, I joined in a speed reading workshop which took place in my university. I felt so great when I realized that I can read faster when I do leisure reading. But the sad part is that I do leisure reading on books which are not related to school such as novels and books talking about other stuff.

I reflected on that a lot and noticed that I felt that need to catch up in life. I wanted to relate myself to what other people are saying and make the right inferences in every utterance I hear from them.

Right now, I’m planning to go into this leadership program where I can train myself to become a better public speaker and a better communicator since it is needed in the workplace, in the community and in relationships. I only hope things will change once I finish that program, but there’s something else that I am so worried about.

I just don’t feel like pursuing anything! I just don’t feel like being productive! I just don’t feel like I can do anything because I don’t have the right knowledge and skills to be able to do them – all because I don’t pursue those knowledge and skills.

Ever since I became slightly independent, I figured it’s not something I really like. My parents raised me so that I can obey them and that one day I will be enslaved to my parents’ house being a family guy praying with them everyday and having no fun whatsoever all because I’m at home doing nothing interesting and adventure-like.

I want to get out of the house completely and meditate on things myself really.

I want to be able to bring out that real talent that I have so that I can disregard the requirement of communicating with fluency in the workplace.

I guess I’m my own worst critic.




One response

26 02 2010

Hi, I just randomly stumbled upon this comment and wow who better than I can relate. My whole life thus far I’ve been living as some one who satisfies their parents’ requirements of being a “nice child”. I have never rebelled, never did crazy, adventurous, or outrageous things, always listened to my parents and followed their advice. Don’t get me wrong, I think you do need to be on good terms with your folks and listen to what they have to tell you but this also hinders your own thoughts and independence. Also, my parents have never pressured me to do anything which also resulted in me being the person who lacks the day to day motivation to succeed and do well
Its certainly not fun, for the past 4 years since I’ve graduated college and started a full-time job I’ve been pondering about what makes other people better than me at work and in life? What do they have that I don’t? For one they seem to have a lot of friends and be more outgoing than I am but in my view that’s a result of them possessing these necessary features that propel them to draw people to themselves in the first place. So in my view here is one of the most important qualities needed to be a successful, non lazy person. If you learn or take on this quality you will get places, I assure you.
– Focus- I think everything else stems from this and it took me a while to realize that I didn’t have one. I have always had issues concentrating or focusing on something specific and I never knew what to do with myself. Others seemed to have exact paths of life in their mind. My strategy right now is to just focus on whatever it is you are doing and give it your 100%. It’s gonna be very hard for lazy brained people like myself or you, asyou mentioned that’s what you feel your problem is as well. I always knew I had a lazy brain and I just started teaching it to focus. It’s going to be difficult and it will make you really tired but that’s only initially. You will see right away that when you focus so intensely on smth your work produces a much better result and you become more confident. This fuels your self esteem and the desire to do bigger and better things, people appreciate you more and you become more outgoing.
Ever since I started training myself to focus I’ve already planned things that I probably wouldn’t otherwise. I’m going to try different things, take on new hobbies, latest being jewelry making, and five it my all, if that’s really what I like. Hopefully this will result in me eventually getting a job that I love and a more satisfying life. I’m not there yet but I’ve been a happier person everyday just having this new attitude and focus and I intend on continuing pushing forward and learning about myself what I should have learned possibly 8-10 years ago.
Now all this related to the command of the English language. That has improved for me too as I made my brain work harder. I now sound like a more educated knowledgeable person who wants to speak their mind and who has goals and desires.
Lastly I want to suggest regular bursts of intense exercise to aid you in
your focus task. I noticed that working out hard trains your brain to be stronger as well (there are numerous studies backing this too). So start focusing on whatever you do and start living. Eventually it will provide you with a new direction in which to turn your life. Good luck!

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