Earl Klugh

24 01 2008


Earl Klugh has definitely been one of my inspirations in life. His music brings up that very sophisticated person in myself as I move on in life each day. How come his very smooth Jazz Music bring about that feeling?

As a high school student, I definitely wanted to become a different person. My friends would only listen to rock, pop and hip-hop. I wanted to be a Classical and Jazz fan to become different but what I forgot entirely at that time is the fact that I need a reason why Classical and Jazz is the thing for me. After listening to Klugh, Debussy and Gershwin, I suddenly had that boost to find out what it is to be a Classical and Jazz fan. I’m going to deal with classical in the future since the main topic of this post is a Jazz artist.

In order to become a Jazz fan, of course I had to become familiar with the popular Jazz artists of history and most especially the history and origins of the genre which was the blues. Sad to say I hate reading up to this point in my life, therefore I couldn’t create the most poetic blogs that I wanted and share knowledge that I should have possessed with regards to what I am personally passionate about.

Anyways, to at least get the sense of Jazz, I listened to Dave Brubeck, George Benson, Louis Armstrong, Charlie Parker, Coleman Hawkins, Lionel Hampton, Portico Quartet, Norah Jones, Antonio Carlos Jobim (Brazilian), Vinicius de Moraes (Brazilian), Bob James, Casiopea (Japanese), and of course more Earl Klugh.

I find Jazz heartwarming. It brings a lot more peace of mind than ballads and love songs. The best thing about Jazz is that it can be expressive even without vocals or lyrics to accompany the meaning of the music. Jazz speaks for itself and it can deal with themes such as austerity and voluptuousness, egotism and altruism, pride and humility, harshness and calmness, all in each performance and in every musical piece. I find Jazz to have all the characteristics of a person that you would find in a music much better than rock, pop, ballad, or hip-hop. The funny thing is that in Jazz, no matter what type of song/music the performers are focusing on – nostalgic, romantic, sporty, emotional, etc. – I don’t stay in a single emotional state.

Those in particular are what Earl Klugh first have brought in my life through his music which only expanded as I listen to all other Jazz performers throughout history and in modern times. Jazz through Klugh showed the struggle for our freedom of expression constrained by our own abilities, by other people, or by principles that have chained people into undesirable lives. Jazz frees our souls! Jazz brings us higher in life!

This passion for Jazz doesn’t make me think that Jazz is highest form of music from all other genres as people do have different opinions about music. But one thing that I want people to realize is that music is an instrument in our lives. It drives us into an adventurous life and a greatly fulfilled one too. And for me, Jazz doesn’t cut all that, so there are still other musicians out there from other genres who I admire such as The Carpenters.

I’ll leave the issue of being different for a later journal.




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