University Life: Motivation

11 01 2008


I believe that motivation can bring great outcomes and my professor in one of my linguistics classes just reminded me again of that. If you want to attain or achieve something, you should always be determined to reach those goals. It worked for me millions of times and it made me make new friends, learn a lot of things about life and society, have a creative lifestyle, and most of all have an open mind to everything that’s around me (though I can easily change my view of life from one angle to another, I believe that I can be flexible about it since I’m able to experience every one of those changes, I just have to be creative so that I won’t come out really boring among other people).

Why do we have to be motivated in life?

No motivation means no passion and enthusiasm towards your goals in life. If you just want to become the smartest guy in the world and you don’t show determination (determination particularly includes being able to use your mind in applied and practical ways in everyday life and it takes hardwork to be able to attain it), then you are just joking yourself.

To be smart is to work hard.

To reach your goals is to create memories.

To reach your aspirations is to feel your enthusiasm.

To become proficient in a musical instrument is to have made noise produced with your determination.

To be what you want to be requires a story, a diary, a biography, a history.


Always look for your motivation and never slip it away.




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