1 01 2008

Just wanna greet passersby a Happy New Year!

Had two parties in celebration of the occasion – the other one is still going on at this moment. This morning, we went to our very first mass service of the year and it’s a blessing because a bishop was the celebrant.

Anyways, there are a lot of things that I realize every time and I definitely want to share it here and be able to keep note of these as I move on with life. Here’s a special one!

One is taking compliments. If you’re mad at someone when that person gave you a nice compliment, it means that you don’t want to take the compliment from that particular person or you don’t want to listen to a particular kind of compliment.

I think it’s bad to think that way! People give nice compliments because aside from the fact that they don’t want to hurt people’s feelings, they want to show politeness so that we won’t be thinking so badly about them in return and it means that they want to keep us company, they want to keep the solidarity among friendships and other kinds of relationships that they have with each other.

So as a New Years’ message, take a good look at compliments, DO NOT take them as something to prove anything about your appearance or your personality or your achievements. Take them as a sign of people wanting to keep solidarity with the relationship that they have with you, a sign where you have to give others your listening ear and becoming considerate just as how you want others to become considerate about you when you are making convictions. Being considerate between people is a mutual process. When it goes out of hand, one at least must calm down because as proven through experience and observation and peer stories, one cannot extinguish fire with fire.





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