25 12 2007


Wishing everyone a Blessed and Merry Christmas!

I just love it when this season comes; though we couldn’t really feel it because of how busy life is through school and work. I couldn’t even do countdowns or talk about gifts or anything related to the usual stuff about Christmas that stresses you out. The only person who reminds me of the occasion is obviously the priest in our parish church; and to tell you, it makes me feel great cause I get to know the real reason why we still celebrate this occasion. Though I have become an open-minded Catholic, I definitely can’t accept the fact that people should disregard Christmas. It’s a day when we don’t stress ourselves and when we don’t think about anything else but having a great time with family and friends.

Our house is quite fully decorated with Christmas stuff. It’s really nice that we never forget to include in the nativity scene which is the real reason why there is Christmas. If it weren’t for the story and the artistic depiction of the event, we won’t think of his holiday as something that is of a great significance than lessay Family Day, a new holiday here in Canada, which is coming up on February next year. Christmas is a lot more of a Family Day than any other holiday ever created.

Thinking about this reminded me about those who left Christianity, never became or never considered being Christians in their lives. I’m not trying to force people to become Christians, but they should be reassured that Christianity has brought itself to a humble place in this world for a lot of people and that I myself consider the Bible as something that can help people to have a fruitful life as any kind of literature there is in this world.

The only thing I will not support are fanatics who would kill for what they believe in. For me, the foundation of Christianity is something that should gather people of the same interest with a mission to provide everyone with moral values that they can use in their lives practically.

And this occasion should remind us of what the meaning of Christ’s birth is for us in our practical lives: Giving, Loving, Sharing, Family, Acquaintances and Reflections

Well, there may be plenty of words left unsaid but nonetheless, I wish everyone to have a peaceful Christmas and I hope to be able to share more stuff here in the near future.




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