Ingrid Michaelson

24 12 2007

“Take Me The Way I Am” – Ingrid Michaelson

I was able to watch a Chevrolet Commercial from Discovery Channel today – I was watching “Canada’s Worst Driver 3” at that time – and I found the song really good!

I researched for the song and it comes out that I discovered a singer who I could put with the likes of American blues singer Norah Jones, Canadian pop-rock singer Leslie Feist, Scottish pop and alternative rock singer KT Tunstall, and Icelandic electronica and rock singer Björk.

Ingrid Michaelson is an American indie-pop singer who was able to get her song “Take Me The Way I Am” to play in the chevy commercial. It’s nice Youtube actually provided the actual song which has a music video and it’s the first one by the singer. I swear I would actually wait for every chevy commercial if ever I couldn’t find this song.

The music video is actually cute and it does give meaning to the song with the singer being different from everyone else who are dressed as clowns. I’m looking forward to see more of Michaelson in the future.




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