“The Fencing Master” by Arturo Perez-Reverte

20 11 2007
“The Fencing Master”
by Arturo Perez-Reverte


I’ve been reading this novel for the last 2 weeks and it’s been a great experience being involved with the life of an old master in the art of fencing who also teaches it for a living. We call him by the name of Don Jaime Astarloa, a man full of austerity and traditionalistic views especially when it comes to fencing. One day, a woman named Señora de Otero wanted to become Don Jaime’s very first woman pupil and she wanted the fencing master to teach her his most powerful thrust that he learned as a young fencer.

I haven’t finished reading the novel and I’m pretty sure that I’m not spoiling any booklovers out there because the synopsis that I just gave is just what is almost similar to the synopsis given at the back of the book.

I wanted to get into blogging about the novels that I’m currently reading.


Just finished reading this book.

I love how the story develops most especially the never ending tension that i encountered in the last hundred pages. It was an exciting read. I like the character of Jaime Astarloa and Señora Adela de Otero, both symbols of austerity and progressiveness respectively and goes parallel with the political tension that was taking place in Spain during that time.

The language of the narrative is so colourful and – i hope i wouldn’t spoil anyone – there is one certain character who is really smart and poetic, so smart that it made me laugh a lot despite it being in the depressing part of the story. I personally don’t see some guy with authority who speaks as if he writes for a hobby or as a sideline job – there may be people like those but I never encountered one. I guess I should let you guys read the book to understand what I was talking about.




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