University Life: Coffee

9 11 2007

Tim Hortons

Coffee has been one of the most important things that university students cannot forget to have – well for most of us that is. It has brought us through making decisions whether we should sleep tonight or not; whether it will help us in paying attention to lectures or doing diligently our homework without any kind of worries whether we are going to slam our faces on the table after half an hour and snore out like a member of a woodwind orchestra.

I remembered my first 2 years of being in post-secondary and i have to tell you that it was nice. All thanks to the strength giving power of coffee. I never felt too bad at all with drinking a cup everyday – well that’s how much my body can take to tell you the truth. I can deal with homework, understand everything that I am doing, not thinking that I’m giving in to caffeine but instead making caffeine my friend.

By the way, I don’t drink black coffee or double-double or anything of the sort. I go with the frothy ones. My favourite in particular is french vanilla. I had experienced having 2 cups of it and my body trembled like crazy on a test and I couldn’t stop from trembling. I can only have one cup of something that has not too much caffeine in a day.

But why did I come up with this now that I’m in my 4th year (and for sure I’m going to my 5th and 6th year) in post-secondary?

It’s hard when you’re a procrastinator. You have to understand every goddamn thing that you’re studying in a very short span. I’m very interested with humanities, history, psychology, philosophy and film when i was in my first 2 years. I was just so disappointed that I couldn’t pursue them when I transferred to another institution.

I instead decided to take a major in Linguistics, a new kind of field not related at all with what I have been doing in the 2 years that passed before that. I only took it as my major because I love learning languages – the problem is that the theories have are too detailed and the work and application of those theories are too tedious.

One thing that I found out particularly – I’m dumb cause I found this out only after 2 months – is that I fall asleep in all my linguistics classes. I was soooooo dozed off it’s not even funny. I feel dead in class. I feel that I can’t control my body. I feel that I want to drop on the floor. I wanted to shout out “TIM HORTONS!!! STARBUCKS!!!”

Sad to say it’s been a year since I actually drank coffee regularly just like my first 2 years in college/univ.

Well through this journal, I guess I know now what I should do if I am thinking of trying to survive in university in my last 2-3 years there before entering the world of ass-kicking and head-banging.




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