Another Blogsite 4 Me

19 10 2007

Well, after writing so much in many blogsites, at last, I found one where I might be able to at least write whatever I want without worrying about who will read it… to those who have an idea of who I am, I can only come in the name of Indie Citizen in this blog.

How the heck did I decide to call myself that? Well I’ve been inspired with the world of indies whether in the music scene, the arts & comics scene and even the world of films and filmmaking. Artists who are independent from the mainstream do have a lot of fun with what they’re doing – but eventually, they would crave for a label or a publisher in order to survive and earn a livable amount of money resulting to being pressured to what the companies wanted them to do.

If there’s anything figurative about it, I guess indies is mostly associated with young artists who only do what they love to do without being bothered by anyone else except their parents – it’s independence associated with youth in my point of view. And I’m not talking about independence from family, but independence from the society: the ability for us to be able to look for our own coming-of-age through inspiration and not by social norms or peer pressures. It’s basically our individuality working towards a meaningful life.

I love how this world is moving. I’m a very optimistic person and I can say that for every challenges, successes and failures that we have, we always have one goal after that, being able to rest and being able to move on trying to do more of what we love and getting out a lot more in what we do – living our lives to the fullest as many people would say.

As I give my greetings to this blog, let me take the opportunity to introduce myself.

I’m Indie Citizen. Call me anything I guess. You can make it an acronym like IC. But I’m glad to be at your service telling stories, rants, raves, jokes, anything under the sun, I will hopefully devote myself to showing my love (~cheese lolz~).





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